What is the Worst Lie Ever Told to an Actress?


What is the Worst Lie Ever Told to an Actress?

Maybe not the WORST lie, but definitely an
interesting one. For example:

The movie “Poltergeist” (1982) was
always controversial because of an alleged curse that accompanied the entire
recording. The corpses in the rainy pool scene in Poltergeist were real
skeletons!!! (check the above photo) But did you know that some things were

According to the film’s producer, Steven
Spielberg, it was supposedly cheaper than making fake skeletons. And the
actress who starred in the scene, JoBeth
, was not informed that her skeleton friends were real until after

What is the Worst Lie Ever Told to an Actress?
Carrie Fisher

Another is:

Carrie Fisher wore no knickers or bra underneath her
costume whilst filming Star Wars: A New Hope (1977). When she was being fitted,
director George Lucas told her she couldn’t wear anything underneath the dress.
Why? There’s no underwear in space, Fisher recalled. “he said it with such
conviction too!” This meant that her nipples would be visible,
unfortunately, and that would not do for a PG-rated film. Lucas’ solution was
to have her breasts taped down with gaffer tape. Gaffer tape is very similar to
duct tape, except that it is designed not to leave a residue behind when
removed. I can’t imagine how painful it must have been to remove after filming.

What is the Worst Lie Ever Told to an Actress?
Sharon Stone

One that comes to mind again concerns this
actress, Sharon Stone. She was asked
to not wear panties during a now (in)famous scene in the movie Basic Instinct.
The reason given was that panties would reflect light and ruin the shot. When
she realized that she had displayed her vagina to all the world to see, she
allegedly punched the director Paul Verhoeven. The upside is that the movie
broke box office records and made her a superstar. Here’s the link. Check the
video at the 3-minute mark to see what all the fuss was about. (

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