Why Did Ukrainian Soldiers Kill Russian Soldiers Who Surrendered?


Why Did Ukrainian Soldiers Kill Russian Soldiers Who Surrendered?

A Footage appears to show an execution performed by a Ukrainian soldier
– an action that would amount to a war crime – taking place just over five
miles from Bucha.

Four bodies can be seen in the footage, all of which are dressed in
clothes matching Russian military uniforms. The hands of at least one of the
bodies appear to be tied behind its back.

Of the four soldiers pictured on the ground, one is still moving in the
video and wheezing sounds can be heard.

A soldier surrounding the body says: “Look, he is still
alive”. A gun then fires three shots in the direction of the wounded
soldier, who then stops moving.

Soldiers surrounding the bodies can also be heard saying “glory to
Ukraine” and one says: “Don’t come to our country”.

It is said that this action was carried out because those Russian soldiers
were suspected of committing atrocities against the Ukrainian civilians.



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