Can Anyone Defend Amber Heard?


Can Anyone Defend Amber Heard?

Last week, Amber Heard took
the stand in her ongoing defamation trial. Testifying about her marriage to
Johnny Depp, she detailed years of alleged abuse in graphic detail. “He said,
‘I’ll fucking kill you,’” Heard recalled of one fight, which she says ended
with Depp pinning her down on a countertop and penetrating her repeatedly with
a liquor bottle. As Heard sobbed on the stand, the mood in the courtroom
darkened. Even Depp looked grim as he lifted his eyes from his notepad to watch

His fans were unmoved. “Drama
queen,” “Crocodile tears let’s goooo,” viewers on one popular YouTube court
stream commented in a live chat. “She loves to talk about herself doesn’t she,”
“WOW She’s one piece of work,” “WE DONT CARE,” “what an actress.” Shortly after
court adjourned for the day, a clip of Heard wiping her nose with a tissue
started circulating on social media; Depp stans speculated she was probably
doing a covert bump of coke in front of the jury.

Over the past four weeks,
Heard and Depp have presented a harrowing picture of their brief yet turbulent
marriage. Testimony on both sides has been painful and exacting: Heard’s
attorneys hammered Depp for hours on his substance use, while his witnesses
made dubious claims about Heard’s supposed “histrionic personality
disorder.” Her team has displayed photos of her bruised face, busted lip,
and clumps of her hair on the floor of the couple’s wrecked bedroom. Depp has
admitted to painting threatening messages on their walls in his own blood,
while text messages show him apologizing for “spraying rage” at her in a
blackout as well as saying he hoped Heard’s “rotting corpse was decomposing in
the fucking trunk of a Honda Civic.”

No matter how damning the
evidence may look in court, social media tells a different story: Instagram and
TikTok are full of memes casting Depp as the victim and Heard as the abuser,
intent on making a money grab that will tank her ex’s career. Nearly five years
after exposés on Harvey Weinstein’s serial predation laid bare the ways
powerful men leverage their influence to cover up misconduct, Depp v. Heard feels
like a jarring regression. Here is a woman recounting, in agonizing detail, how
an extremely famous man allegedly abused her. Why, in 2022, do so many people
seem to hate her for it?


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  1. WOW you clearly have never had any experience with a Narcissist or cluster B personality type. I have first hand experience and it was quite disturbing for me to watch Amberturd on the stand lie through her teeth. It brought back every harrowing nightmare of how I was treated by what can only be described as poor excuse for a human, yet portrayed to the world that she was a moralistic, ethical and faultless woman. Every mannerism and verbalisation by Amber and particularly the refusal to accept ANY responsibility for her own actions coupled with the bullshit responses that never answer questions is 100% narcissistic. It has caused me significant stress as it is IDENTICAL to what my ex used to do.
    Please show some intelligence and do some research, you would benefit from it.
    The reason so many people HATE Amber is because she has zero credibility given the conflicting stories she comes out with. I have no doubt she was VERBALLY abused and I also have no doubt it was from a person at his wits end trying to comprehend her behaviour. Johnny is no angel but his behaviour pales in comparison to the pure torture of this female narcissist. It is impossible not to be jealous when in a relationship with one of these scummy women as they are prolific cheaters and have no concept of love or emotion, those thing are only tools to be used against everyone (men, women and children). He probably now wishes he actually had physically abused her after finally working out that she was only using him from the beginning. Her "agonizing detail" is a pack of lies and fabrications designed to gain sympathy and support.
    I hope she is charged by the Feds.
    If anyone had PTSD it would be Johnny because the majority of narcissist relationship victims experience such trauma from being with these toxic creatures.

  2. Yeah I don’t know why the author of these seems to be on the wrong side ;

    Amber mostly abused Johnny, all of the “evidence” of her “injuries” was makeup and setups for this case.

    She is a liar. Do better research Emmanuel.



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