Ex-Russian Spy Says It Is 'Meaningless To Hope For Victory' In Ukraine

Ex-Russian Spy Says It Is 'Meaningless To Hope For Victory' In Ukraine

Igor Girkin - who goes by the nom-de-guerre Igor Strelkov, meaning 'shooter' - has given a withering assessment of Putin's war effort, saying that Russian units are suffering 'huge losses' by 'banging their heads against' deeply entrenched Ukrainian troops, and are being led by commanders who 'leave much to be desired.'

Despite Russia making piecemeal gains on the Donbas front in recent days - capturing towns around Popansa and pushing to encircle Severodonetsk - Strelkov says Ukraine is fast-mobilizing new troops, rearming using Western weapons, and digging into new defensive positions that will be hard to overrun. 

It is 'meaningless to hope for victory' without a general mobilization of Russia's army, Strelkov argues, which Putin refuses to do because he is being molly-coddled by his inner circle into believing victory is still possible. As long he remains shielded from reality 'nothing will change, and when it does change... it will be too late to do anything.'

Once the Russian offensive grinds to a halt - something Strelkov predicts could happen as soon as mid-June - Ukraine will then switch to counterattacks as it did around Kyiv and Kharkiv, forcing Putin's commanders onto the back foot and likely pushing their badly-mauled units backwards - perhaps to their own borders.

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But even if no counter-attacks come, Russia will be faced with the prospect of trying to hold a long front line against well-armed and newly-reinforced Ukrainian defenders who will refuse to give up the fight, all the while Russia's economy will flatline under sanctions.


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