How The Duchess of Cambridge and Tom Cruise Broke Royal Protocol


How The Duchess of Cambridge and Tom Cruise Broke Royal Protocol

The royals have all sorts of
protocols governing them when they’re out on official business, but on Thursday
night at the Top Gun: Maverick premiere, Tom Cruise ended
up breaking one.

In an act of generosity, the
Hollywood superstar took the Duchess of Cambridge by hand as she
ascended some stairs, however, it has long been rumoured that you aren’t
supposed to touch a royal, and it’s well-established that when it comes
to the Queen, one is only allowed to take her by the hand if she has
offered it in the first place.

The moment was very sweet, but
it appears that Kate was aware of the protocol, as after Tom released her, she
moved her bag into the hand that he had been holding, so he couldn’t take it
again as they ascended some more stairs.

There are plenty of rules
that members of the royal family must follow when they are out and about,
including the need to keep PDAs to a minimum, which is likely why William
didn’t take his wife by the hand as they went up the stairs.

It's long been rumoured that members of the royal family aren't to be touched

It’s long been rumoured that members of the royal family aren’t to be touched

Royal editor, Emily Nash,
previously said: “The Duke and Duchess are almost always seen in
photographs taken during official engagements so they are at ‘work’ and it
would be unprofessional to hold hands.

“They also need to shake
hands with a huge number of people as they meet then, so aside from being on
duty, it wouldn’t be very practical!”

“We know they are very
affectionate and that sometimes comes across during more light-hearted moments,
at sporting events or similar, but you wouldn’t expect them to put that on show
while in more formal situations.”

Royal rules also prohibit
members of the royal family from taking selfies or signing autographs, and so
while we’re sure the cast of Top Gun wouldn’t have minded a quick
photo, the only photos taken were by professional photographers at the


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