Prince Charles’ Incredible Gift To The Queen Ahead Of Platinum Jubilee Revealed


Prince Charles' Incredible Gift To The Queen Ahead Of Platinum Jubilee Revealed

One of the recently-revealed
ways her eldest son Prince Charles is paying tribute to his
mother with a spectacular dedication that reflects the heir to the
throne’s love of nature.

A photo shared to the royal
family’s official Instagram account showed the Prince smiling as he stood next
to a huge tree with his arm on its trunk.

The caption read: “The
Prince of Wales is pictured next to the old Sycamore tree at Dumfries House,
which was planted in 1599 and has been today revealed as one of the
@queensgreencanopy 70 ancient trees.

“HRH has launched the
network of 70 ancient woodlands and 70 ancient trees to dedicate to The Queen in
her Platinum Jubilee year. “The Ancient Canopy spans our nation’s amazing
landscape and exists for everyone to enjoy.

“The woodlands and trees
can be found in urban as well as rural environments, from National Parks to
residential areas, representing the unique diversity of all corners of the

The heir to the throne is a devoted son

The heir to the throne is a devoted son

The shot, titled Platinum
Queen: Felicity, shows the monarch smiling after an amusing comment made by her
close confidante and dresser Angela Kelly, who was helping to rearrange
her clothing at the time.

It was taken by the
holographer Rob Munday during a 2004 photographic session from which he created
‘Equanimity’, the first official 3D portrait of the Queen.

The portrait was unveiled in
central London on Wednesday and will be on view to the public at 45 Park Lane
from Monday, 9 May.

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