Why Do We Love The Royals?


Why Do We Love The Royals?

In truth, the Royal
family is not just important but cherished.

According to a YouGov survey
last year, more than two-thirds of people (69%) said they were monarchists –
more than three times higher than those who oppose the Royals.

Speaking on the podcast Nick
Ede, PR expert, and Royal commentator said: “I think because of politics
and how the government is going at the moment and has been for a few years, a
lot of people want to hold onto something that they feel is standard and has a
trajectory where they know what is going to happen.

“So what they do is they align
themselves with something that’s quite familiar to them and the monarchy to
them is a familiar thing that has stayed the same through so many things, from
world wars through to disaster. They’re always there.

“So I think when people are
uncertain they want to always hold on to something and I think that’s why
they’re quite strong in their belief for the monarchy.”

Why Do We Love The Royals?

More importantly, the Royals
are also compassionate. For instance, Prince William shows how he has inherited
Princess Diana’s caring and compassionate nature.

Why Do We Love The Royals?

The Duke of Cambridge spoke
with 100-year-old Diana Mayes following the unveiling of a new Submariners
Memorial at The National Memorial Arboretum.

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