5 Things to give up in 2022 for 2023


Once bitten twice shy! – Does this statement rings a bell to you. There are some things you did wrong already in this year that should not repeat itself in the incoming year if actually you want the New Year to be an improvement on the existing year. Yes! Afflictions should not rise the second time.

There are professional habits you have to do without, you are going to employ new habits to drive out old habits that have not been rewarding. It is said that you have to stop doing things the old way to get new results. Next year can be a better and more successful year for you if you what it takes.

You keep failing and falling short of your goals because you have not been taking into consideration and deliberation the few errors in your judgement, repeated everyday. Actually, failure is not a single, devastating event – it does not happen overnight. And success? Success is neither magical nor mysterious – it is only a natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.

Now that you intend getting better in months to come, below are few things you should no longer do for a better and rewarding year:


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