6 BIG Benefits of Music


Music is a universal language that everyone speak, it is a message that reaches the heart, and thus, it is irresistible. One of the things that keep people going – most of us, is our playlist. Music is spiritual, psychological, physical, social, cultural and emotional; this is one of the big reasons its root is so grounded in man. Everyone identify with music, though we have different taste of genre. I mean to say different people with different choice of song. Still, it is universal currency we spend to in exchange of hope, redemption, and a friend that sticks closer than blood relations.

Below are what music will offer you:

1. Music Comforts

Music is a delight to soul, it eases the tension of the listener and appeal to their emotions. It heals ailing heart. Music can be a burden bearer – it shares your pain because you can identify with what the artiste has sung: you have its firsthand experience. Sometimes, the songs you listen to reflect your present situation and you get attracted to such songs because you can see yourself as the singer now. The music that shares your bad memory will also inform you that there is light waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.


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