Abuja: 10-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Beaten By Her Madam’s Husband For Bed-Wetting


Abuja: 10-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Beaten By Her Madam’s Husband For Bed-Wetting

A lawyer, Asukwo Mendie
Archibong has rescued a 10-year-old girl who was allegedly abused by her
madam’s husband for bedwetting.

Mr. Archbong said the incident
happened at Range View Estate, News Engineering in Abuja, adding that the
said man has been arrested. 

He further disclosed that the
minor identified as Onyebube, was trafficked from Enugu State to Abuja to work
for the couple as a house help. 

Read his post below…

“The Success Story of Our
Rescue of An Abused 10-Year-Old Child. A few days ago I received information
that this girl was trafficked and abused by her madam’s husband. He beat and
severely injured her because she wet her bed. 

“She is only 10 years old. The
challenge was in identifying the incident location and the parties involved in
the abuse.

“For the last few days I have
been working with the fantastic #NPF on this issue. I am glad to say that
through my work with the police the location was established, the abusive man
identified and he is now in police custody.

“Pure Evil. Sometimes sharing
a video such as this is not enough. You have to act.

 “We scream domestic
violence but see what a woman and her husband can do to a ten-year-old child
because she peed on the bed. This is not their child. She was trafficked from
Enugu State to Abuja as a house slave. At ten years of age. By a Christian

 “I have made a formal
complaint and the Nigeria Police Force are handling the case. They
are searching for this child.

 “If you know of her
whereabouts let me know. The husband and wife who did this are right now on the
run, but they will be caught.



Name of girl child: Onyebube

State of Origin: Enugu State

Father of girl child: Emma

 Mother: Njideka

Age of girl child: 10 years

Incident Location: Range View
Estate, News Engineering in Abuja


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