Prince William and Kate Go Without Important Accessory At Royal Ascot

Prince William and Kate Go Without Important Accessory At Royal Ascot

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge delighted fans on Friday as they finally made an appearance at Royal Ascot after having missed the previous three days.

And although they were impeccably dressed for the occasion, with William looking dapper in his suit and Kate looking so elegant in a polka-dot dress, complete with floral hat, they did miss out one fairly important accessory – their name badges. Badges aren't an essential piece of fashion for the event, but they do help if the royal couple intended to be on the move.

The kind of badge one has usually denotes what areas they're allowed in, and royals at the event, such as Princess Beatrice and her husband have been seen with them on.

If William and Kate only intended to be part of the royal procession and be in the royal box, they may have decided against wearing the badges as they would've had a security escort, making them redundant.


At the event, William and Kate travelled in the lead carriage in the traditional royal procession which kicks off before the races.

They were joined by Arthur Vestey and his wife Martha. His late father, Lord Vestey, served as Master of the Horse to the Queen and would often ride in Her Majesty's carriage.

The Queen's eldest grandson Peter Phillips took his seat in the second carriage alongside his girlfriend Lindsay Wallace as well as the Duke and Duchess of Bedford, while the Viscount and Viscountess Brookeborough travelled in the third carriage with Mr and Mrs Darby Dennis.

Prince William and Kate's attendance on the penultimate day of Royal Ascot comes as a surprise since the royal family usually make appearances in the first three days of the annual horse-racing event.

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Prince Charles and Camilla attended days one and two of Royal Ascot this week, leading the royal procession by riding in the first carriage. They left an empty space in their carriage on both days as a sign of respect for Her Majesty who would normally be in attendance.


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