‘Ukrainian Missile’ Hits Military Base 40 Miles Inside Russia


'Ukrainian Missile' Hits Military Base 40 Miles Inside Russia

Ukraine is thought to have
struck a military base 40 miles inside Russia in an early-morning
missile attack.

Footage showed what appeared
to be a missile trail in the sky over the town of Klintsy early Tuesday,
accompanied by a plume of smoke rising from a nearby base.

Troops and helicopters then
arrived to inspect what appeared to be a bomb crater, as local Telegram
channels reported a fire spreading to a nearby apartment block.

‘I was driving to work… there
was a rocket takeoff, after which they called me and said there was an
explosion in Klintsy,’ said a man who took a picture of the missile trace.

‘The time between takeoff and
the call is three minutes.’ Russian military helicopters were flying over the
site in Klintsy, Bryansk region, the reported strike.

There were claims a woman was
wounded in the hit, with her leg torn off. Eyewitnesses posted a video with a
crater allegedly from a hit by Ukrainian ammunition near Klintsy.

According to preliminary
information, the wreckage indicates that it was a Tochka-U missile. There were
reports of electricity and water supplies being cut after the strike.

On Saturday, there were
reports of a strike or sabotage attack at a military unit near Klintsy. Military
equipment under report from the Russian war campaign was reportedly damaged.


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