Ukrainian Soldiers Sing The Praises of Aussie Bushmasters

Ukrainian Soldiers Sing The Praises of Aussie Bushmasters

Ukrainian soldiers sing the praises of Australia’s Bushmasters and call for more to fend off the brutal Russian invasion of their country.

The 19 surviving troopships are in constant action and under heavy fire in eastern Ukraine as the soldiers lucky enough to pilot them label them as lifesavers.

In late May, images surfaced showing the burnt-out wreckage of a Bushmaster sitting on an empty field on the Donetsk-Luhansk border in eastern Ukraine.

A Ukrainian unit commander has now confirmed that a Bushmaster has been destroyed near the village of Trypillia, but everyone in the bombed vehicle survived.

Vitaly, who drives and commands another Bushmaster, told the… Sydney Morning Herald he was part of the battle and saw what happened.

“I was there, I saw Bushmaster go in for the first time, bring the boys back and go in a second time. And then it got hit,” Unit Commander Vitaly told the Sydney Morning Herald†

“It’s armored inside and that’s a big plus for this vehicle as it protects the safety and health of the soldiers inside.

“If we had more of these types of vehicles, we would save more lives – and the lives of our soldiers are the most important thing.”

This wreckage of a combat vehicle in eastern Ukraine was identified by Ukraine Weapons Tracker as one of 20 Bushmaster vehicles donated by the Australian government.


It’s not just the Bushmasters’ safety that makes the vehicle popular with Ukrainian defenders compared to their Soviet-era troop transports.

“First of all, it’s very comfortable,” Vitaly said. “It has air conditioning; it is like a house on wheels. I would have lived inside. I stay in it all the time.”

Nicknamed ‘The Bushy’, the Bushmaster is an 11-ton armored military vehicle built in the Victorian town of Bendigo and designed to deploy up to 10 soldiers on the battlefield.

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The 20 vehicles sent to Ukraine were converted for service after being “equipped” after extensive service in Afghanistan and emergency relief zones.

They were repainted olive green with the flag of Ukraine on each side.

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