Ukrainians Blast Russian Tanks With US-Donated M777 Howitzer

Ukrainians Blast Russian Tanks With US-Donated M777 Howitzer

Western-made weapons are starting to tell on the battlefields of eastern Ukraine as US-donated howitzers obliterate Russian tanks in the raging battle for Severodonetsk.

A video released by Ukraine’s military shows artillery fire destroying a tank and two BMP infantry fighting vehicles as deadly precise shells rain in on them from up to 25 miles away.


Artillerymen of the 81st Airmobile Brigade were operating the US-donated, British-built M777 howitzer on the front lines around the eastern city of Severodonetsk in the Luhansk region.

The United States has already donated more than 100 howitzers to Ukraine, with a further 18 – and tactical vehicles to tow them along with ammunition – included in the latest tranche of military aid valued at $1 billion.

With the recent Ukrainian admission that they are losing 100 men a day, mostly due to concentrated fire by the superior Russian creeping artillery barrages, potent NATO weapons are absolutely essential for the smaller nation to stay in the fight and defend their territory.

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In a separate video released by Ukrainian forces last month celebrating the much-loved US howitzers, the words ‘From America with love’ can be seen scrawled along the barrel of one M777.


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