What Did You See First?

What Did You See First?

A. If What You Saw First is A Tree

It is only natural that most people will see the tree first. Then if all you could see is tree only, it informs that your personality is more superficial. Perhaps you are the kind of person that lose interests in things easily. Not really an enthusiastic person, it could be you have learned the lessons of life in a hard way and those lessons are taking their tolls on you emotionally.

Meanwhile your mental state feeds your emotional energies directly. Nothing freaks you and you hardly feel a chill on your spine for whatever reason. You are not adventurous if you saw tree first and you like things short.

Without taking anything away from your personality, it means you are a very direct person who doesn’t mince words. You are a one-way person who would only see what you want to see. You get things done faster and move onto the next one. While you’re not being detailed, not being detailed can also be a strength if you channel it well. This does not mean you should not work on yourself if you see there’s a need to do so.

What Did You See First?

B. If What You Saw First is A Gorilla

If what you saw first is a gorilla, then it means you are the type of person that uses their left brain more, that is to say, the left side of your brain is dominant. It informs that your personality is a verbal type, you are analytical (you think in a linear way). Not that you don’t use your right brain at all. Although the two sides function differently, they work together to complement each other.

You think a lot and won’t be satisfied with what you know. Your make-up is a curious type, thus you are a good learner, you learn fast too.

Meanwhile, you seem to be hard on yourself and might find reasons to beat yourself more than necessary if things are not going fine. Learn to take pressures off yourself and be less demanding to have a better relationship with your circle. Less demanding: I mean don’t expect much. Remind yourself that not everyone is ready to give their all, like you would always do.

What Did You See First?

C. If What You Saw First is A Lion

If what you saw first is a lion, then it means you are the type of person that uses their right brain more, that is to say, the right side of your brain is dominant. Your personality is a creative and an artistic type. You think creatively and out of the box. Most people find you weird because what you see is not what they see, and this tells when you talk. You mostly have different opinions to things.

You are adventurous in nature, so you always go outside the box, so flexible and would always embrace what is new, even though it is not popular. You are in your own class, and ever ready to walk alone even if others are not throwing weights around you.

Anyways, you will have to learn how to be diplomatic one of these days – let’s say you don’t mind. When you see things your way, you care less about what others are seeing and saying.

I strongly trust you can decipher your strengths and weaknesses in my lines above. I don’t need to spell it out so loud.

What Did You See First?

D. If What You Saw First Is The Two Fishes

The most difficult thing to see is the fish. Like the two fishes are hidden in a mystery box. If all you could see is the fish, then you are really a mystery to be unveiled with patience. You tend to be secretive and would always take your time to do things. Even though you enjoy taking your time, time is never against you.

Your strength is seeing what most people fail to see. You are keen and observant while you prefer to ride the back seat. You are a ‘laid-back’ type that uses their inner eyes more often than others.

Sometimes, people around you will think that you don’t have ambitions driving you because you enjoy doing things effortlessly. This is who you are. You are very intellectual and emotional at the same time.


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