What The Rest of 2022 Looks Like For The Queen and Her Limited Public Appearances


What The Rest of 2022 Looks Like For The Queen and Her Limited Public Appearances

Royal astrologer Debbie Frank has shared her prediction for
what the rest of 2022 will look like for the Queen.

Her Majesty is expected to retreat from the public eye this summer,
as she usually heads to Balmoral for an extended summer break, but
there is one key date in October that signals a “significant
development” for the whole of the royal family.

Venus in Taurus over the Jubilee sends a huge amplification of love for
our Taurean Queen. Perfect timing for her Platinum celebration in
June. As this planet of harmony reigns in the cosmic order, it’s a hopeful sign
of heart-warming appreciation and even a rapprochement amongst certain discordant
members of her family. At least for this period of time.

Queen Elizabeth II herself is an embodiment of Taurean constancy and
steadfastness. She has remained composed throughout her 70 years on the throne
and has been the anchor of the nation no matter what dramas have unfolded
around her. Taurus is primarily practical and contained, valuing stability
above all else.

The sign of Taurus is all about holding space, making things last, and
connecting to routines and nature. This is what sustains her and in turn, has
been a permanent touchstone in the psyche of the UK and beyond. She has set the
tone for a Taurean Age which will one day become its opposite sign of Scorpio
Age when Prince Charles becomes King. Taurus dislikes change,
whereas Scorpio is the great transformer so we can speculate that powerful
changes will be upon us in the course of time.

In 2022, the Queen is experiencing the restrictive input of Saturn
exactly on her Mars (personal energy) which continues to curtail her movement
this year. Her natural abundance of strength which has been evident all her
life is less available. Although she is someone who has put duty above anything
else I expect her public engagements to be increasingly scaled back and
for a ‘wait and see’ approach to continue to be applied to her

What The Rest of 2022 Looks Like For The Queen and Her Limited Public Appearances

The Jubilee celebration is a high note and cosmic uplift care of
generous, jubilant Jupiter on her Mercury which enhances the flow of
communication and connection.

July brings dynamic Mars to her Taurean Sun on the 5th and 6th – an
active few days and a Full Moon falls on her Capricorn Ascendant on July
13th. An announcement perhaps that she will change tempo and become less
visible for an extended summer period of retreat.

The royals are particularly aligned with the eclipse patterns and this
year these points are in Taurus and Scorpio which feed directly into the charts
of the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry. The recent May
16th eclipse coincided with Prince Charles suddenly standing in for the Queen
at the State Opening of Parliament. The next solar eclipse on October 25th
is one to watch as a significant development for them all.

Our much-loved Taurean Queen is laying down the practical base for the
tools of transition. As she herself said in the recent documentary Elizabeth:
The Unseen Queen, no one expected her to reign so long. There is no protocol
for a regency so she continues to do what she can and her remarkable resilience
is the signature of Taurus through and through. Long may she reign.


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