Will Prince William Ever Forgive Prince Harry Following Their Frosty Platinum Jubilee Reunion?


Will Prince William Ever Forgive Prince Harry Following Their Frosty Platinum Jubilee Reunion?

If the Duke and Duchess of
Sussex thought returning to London for the Queen’s Jubilee would mean all is
forgiven and soon to be forgotten, they quickly got the message this was not to

The look of surprise when an
usher showed them to the cheap seats at St Paul’s Cathedral for the Queen’s
Platinum Jubilee thanksgiving service was plain for all to see.

“Once they had finally
squeezed past the York sisters and taken a seat behind the Wessex
kids, Harry had a face like thunder,” says a witness.

“He knew being placed so
far back in the ranks was designed to show him where he stood.”

A palace insider says there
“can be no doubt” that the Sussexes’ seating arrangements were signed
off by Prince William, who, along with Prince Charles, spearheaded most of the
arrangements in honour of their absent 96-year-old granny, the Queen.

“When William and
Catherine didn’t even look in their direction, it became obvious that this was
a right royal snub,” says a royal insider.

Our source says 39-year-old
William’s message to his US-based relatives was clear. 

“He wanted them to
understand that nobody is bigger than the monarchy, and feels very much it is
time the Sussexes offer an apology to the Queen and the family.

“The sentiment from
William is, ‘Look around you – hundreds of thousands of people are here to
celebrate the Queen.’ All their petulant claims in the media about
suffering in royal life and being cut off financially, which could have been
very damaging to the institution, have amounted to nothing.

“William is at the point
where even if the Sussexes did apologise – which they haven’t – it wouldn’t
mean anything,” says the royal insider

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