5 Signs A Man Is Carrying A Broken Heart


Not all men you see are full of life and emotion, some are broken hearted; these men have suffered wounds and still have to nurse the itching scars caused by the wound. You may not know the man in your office, that the man you see at park every morning is someone we can call half-walking dead.

He came, he saw and his sight is affected due to a lot of lightning he can’t withstand. The smile they give is a forced smile, sometimes the hope they give is a false hope, and they are only trying to live when they are not feeling alive. He used to be a dreamer, but now his dreams are slipping out of his mind into the thin air. He used to be full of life but now he is not sure if he still has a portion in the land of living.

N.B: Please be well informed that it is not only love matters that can cause a man to have a broken heart: Loss of dear ones, day to day disappointments and struggles.


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