6 Flaws Smart People Got – You’re REALLY Intelligent If You’ve Got The 6


Do you know that our flaws are there to remind us who we really are? Upon close examination, look up your flaws and see how unique they are. Sometimes, you should feel proud of some flaws you’ve got because not everyone can actually have those, and because you have them means you are different from others. It is not only your strength that highlights your uniqueness, your flaw talks about your uniqueness too.

There is no element of strengths found in man that does not have their backdrop flaw. Like a shadow! It goes hand by hand with the strength you’ve got and the shadow would sometimes be made revealing under sunlight. Don’t beat yourself so hard when your shadow flaws come into the limelight, you have them because of your unique strengths, so take relief in knowing this while you work on them. The goal is to have your flaws reduced as many as possible.

But sometimes, you have to acknowledge that you can’t help it. The flaws you’ve got has something to do with your strengths. That is to say, your strengths have some relation with your flaws.

To the smart individuals, they have some flaws; they can’t help it because they are strongly mixed and attached to their make-up. We will now discuss some flaws, that if found in an individual, then such individual is a smart person.

Below Are 6 Flaws Of Every Smart Individual:

1. Hard To Please

Smart people can be very difficult to work with, one of the reasons why they only work with smart few people who can match up their energies to some level. They are hard to please because they have standards, and would pay attention to everything.

Sometimes, they don’t want to tell you the high expectation of what they want from you concerning the task assigned to you, they trust you enough to see you giving your best to the work at hand, but it is not their fault that they are not easily moved.

They are not simple and can be ambiguous, so people don’t find them pleasing and would want to avoid them because of their complexity. They are very detailed and intricate, so they wouldn’t even let the littlest error to slide. While some people are okay with average performance, not to talk of a very good performance, your very good performance might not be enough when dealing with a smart person.

So it is fine if people call them: Difficult, troublesome or pain in the ass.

2. They Adjust A Lot

They would always improve an existing project and plan, they rule out a working decision to introduce a better option in a blink of an eye. They change things and create upset because there is a reason to do which others are not seeing, smart people would ‘tailor the clothes again and again’ to make them fit the perfect picture of what they see in their mind.

This does not mean they are not consistent – this behaviour does not define consistency. Smart people are very consistent.  There are visions (goals) and there are missions. The mission is towards the vision; the smart individual is ready to alter (change) a mission and change to a very smart and sure mission (a better pathway) that leads to the vision. Mission might be edited but the vision remains.

Many people will say smart people are inconsistent beings; it is a false allegation. They alter a whole lot of things because they are being proactive. Read page 2 below

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