DAN WOOTTON: Signing Harry and Meghan Was Netflix’s Biggest Mistake


DAN WOOTTON: Signing Harry and Meghan Was Netflix's Biggest Mistake

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
could only survive the Netflix deal if they agree to give out more about their
royal life.

Journalist Dan Wootton says
that the streaming giant is contemplating its decision to join hands with the
estranged Duke and Duchess. 

Partnering with Meghan could be Netflix’s “biggest mistake,” he added.

Mr Wootton claimed: “Netflix
is discovering the brutal reality of the truism ‘go woke, go broke’.

“Breaking the bank to sign the
King and Queen of Woke Harry and Meghan could well end up the biggest mistake
in their history.”

He then added: “I wouldn’t be
surprised if Harry and Meghan are soon faced with a stark choice: Provide us
with a juicy show about your lives and the Royal Family or we’re not going to
renew your deal.

“That’s Hollywood,
darling,” he continued.

He quipped: “You can pretend
to be royal all you want, but when you’ve sold out to an entertainment giant,
there’s only so long you can resist if you want to keep pocketing the massive


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