Do You Pray? (I Love This Interpretation Of A Prayer)


Prayer is an act of communication to God; a pathway where we send and receive signals. You say (send) your words to God, and in return He speaks to you too. Though all what most people do is to pray and move on.

If there is a talking mouth, there is a listening ear. While you pray, it is also important that you wait to receive signals or feedbacks from the one you’ve prayed to. Imagine her father’s daughter or his mother’s son communicating their thoughts, requests, questions, fears and anxieties to their parent, their parent will speak in return and in essence of what the children has discussed with them. Likewise! Your creator and heavenly father who loves you more than your earthly parent will always have something to say to you in replies to what you say to him. So now, we can agree that prayer is the practice of communicating with God – not communicating to Him alone.


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