Kate Middleton’s Looks and Her Incredible Metamorphosis


Kate Middleton’s Looks and Her Incredible Metamorphosis

Do you remember how she was
before being part of the Royal Family? What made this country girl a queen
of style?

Let’s examine the ten points
of how the look of Kate Middleton changed from the engagement to today.


Catherine has suddenly moved from cold to warm colors. Up until the day of the
wedding, she did her own makeup, using a sharp black line for the eyes; after
that, magically, it disappeared, giving way to softer and refined shades.

Kate Middleton’s Looks and Her Incredible Metamorphosis


In the UK (and not only) it
seems that everybody wants Middleton’s hair: long, full-bodied and natural
color, significantly enhancing her face. Luck of a good DNA, but also a team
that has been able to treasure it.


Before the wedding, the
wardrobe of the Duchess was black and dark colors. After, it seems she chose a
specific color palette, the result of clever color analysis. Say goodbye to black (except for rare occasions), and hello to warm and bright colors now


The most striking change is
definitely the weight: from the engagement to the wedding, Catherine lost at
least 10 kg (her diet is very researched on the internet). Today she is 54 kg for
1.78 m in height: perhaps a bit too skinny…

Kate Middleton’s Looks and Her Incredible Metamorphosis


But what changes the body is
not only weight or shape. Prince William’s wife did intensive courses of poise,
that have modeled posture, the walk and even the smile. Therefore, you can
become a princess.

Kate Middleton’s Looks and Her Incredible Metamorphosis

Bon Ton

Image Consulting, poise, but
especially a lot of bon ton (a sophisticated manner or style). Kate Middleton
studied hard to live up to her role: correct diction, use of cutlery, how to
sit and handshake.

Kate Middleton’s Looks and Her Incredible Metamorphosis

Daily Look 

But the most striking thing is
the look of Kate Middleton: always impeccable on every occasion. Before she had
some difficulty with matching clothes and styling; after, she made little
dresses as her official uniform.

Night Look 

Of course, social occasions
have changed from the days when she lived in the province, so it wouldn’t be fair
to make a comparison. But it’s incredible how that simple and a bit clumsy girl
became a style icon worldwide. Within a few months.

Casual Look

Even in less formal occasions,
Kate Middleton’s style is absolutely perfect: from matching the colors and the
choice of accessories. There’s no more time for UGGs boots (one of my Must NOT
Have) and messy outfits: now everything is studied in detail.

Public Image

The Duchess of Cambridge,
along with her husband, represents the young face of the British monarchy. And,
as such, she has a public image that goes beyond her person. Kate will
certainly have bad days. The difference from before is that now we don’t see

Kate Middleton’s Looks and Her Incredible Metamorphosis

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