Prince Harry Appears in New Video for Betterup With Chloe Kim


Prince Harry Appears in New Video for Betterup With Chloe Kim

Prince Harry has made an
appearance as part of his new role as chief impact officer for BetterUp,
calling on royal fans to remember that we “all have greatness within

The father-of-two interviewed
US Olympian Chloe Kim and others as part of the short film made by the coaching
and mental health company.

“We all have greatness
within us,” Prince Harry said at the start of the clip. “Mental
fitness helps us unlock it. It’s an ongoing practice, one where you approach
your mind as something to flex, not fix.”

He then asked Chloe – who he
called the “Queen of snowboarding” – to describe “the
relationship between the mind and the body when it comes to operating at peak

Chloe took a break from
competing after the 2022 Winter Olympics and also following the 2018 season,
and she replied: “It would be unrealistic for me to expect to go out there
and land an amazing run, learn a new trick if I wasn’t feeling good mentally.

“And I can’t expect
myself to perform at my peak when I’m doubting myself and I’m feeling negative

She continued: “If I’m
not feeling good mentally, then it will jeopardize my physical health and they
go hand in hand. And, so, for the past couple of years, I’ve just been
prioritizing that, listening to my body and I’m in such a better

He also spoke to BetterUp
user Blu Mendoza who shared her love of journaling and psychologist Adam Grant,
who revealed that physical activity helps his mental health.

Harry shared in February that
he takes time every morning for his own mental health.

“Even if you only have a 15-minute
slate of white space, I now put in about half an hour or 45 minutes in the
morning when I’m like ‘Okay, one of the kids has gone to school, the other one
is taking a nap.’ There’s a break in our programme,” he told Serena
Williams during the virtual event.

He then added how he uses his
free time to better himself, revealing: “It’s either for workouts, taking
the dog for a walk, get out into nature, maybe meditate.”

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