The Block ‘Conwoman’ Fires Back After Resurfacing in the Ukraine War


The Block 'Conwoman' Fires Back After Resurfacing in the Ukraine War

Friday 15 July 2022 05:30 AM
The Block ‘conwoman’ Emese Fajk fires back after resurfacing in Ukraine war
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The ‘conwoman’ who fooled The
Block has broken her silence on her new gig as a spokeswoman for foreign
fighters in Ukraine. Emese Fajk, 30, fled Australia after she was exposed as
allegedly using fake ANZ Bank slips to win the $4.2 million reality TV show
auction in December 2020.

After allegedly ripping off
her landlord and boyfriend on a Portuguese island last year, she popped up in
the war-torn country leading a press conference last Friday. Her shock moves to
run communications for the International Legion of Defense of Ukraine followed
four months in the warzone since March 12.

Revelations of her past
scandals sent shockwaves through the legion this week with comrades now
questioning her motives for being in Ukraine.

‘Cyber security expert’ Fajk
placed the winning $4.2 million bid on Jimmy and Tam’s carefully renovated
Block house in December 2020 (pictured)… but it never arrived 

Fajk broke her silence on
Friday explaining her role as the legion’s communications director, to which
she was promoted on July 1, but made no mention of her past.

‘For the past four months I
have been a serving member of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and will continue my
service until Ukraine’s absolute victory,’ she said.

I have been working to amplify
the legion’s voice, to share more personal stories, to create platforms and
opportunities for our legionnaires to share their stories and experiences.

‘This is not about me and
should not be about me. [The] focus should be on Ukraine, on Ukrainians
defending their country, their freedom. On legionnaires coming to Ukraine to
defend values, ideas, and people, from a barbaric invasion.

‘I would like to thank my
team, my unit and my commanders for their continued support, trust, and
friendship. Serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine alongside Ukrainians
and legionnaires from all across the world is an honour.’

Fajk was on July 1 announced
as the legion’s newly minted communications director, with the callsign
‘Mockingjay’, who it demanded all press inquiries be directed to.

She performed well in her
first press conference helping three foreign fighters, Aaron, Craig, and Ryan,
share their experience from the front line and swatting down probing questions
from international media.

‘The purpose of this is for us
to be able to tell what is really happening in the legion and how things really
are,’ she began.

Fajk even appears in a
promotional photo posted on Monday by the International Legion of Defense
of Ukraine, posing with an AR-15 assault rifle.

‘You can bomb our cities. You
can’t bomb the resistance,’ text over the top of the photo of Fajk in
camouflage reads.

Fajk two weeks earlier
complained to a friend that she had been in Ukraine for three and a half months
and was sick of wearing the uniform.

‘This is the “I’m tired
of the Ukrainian uniform and I wear my own stuff” phase,’ she said.

Her past being exposed may
derail Ukraine’s attempts to make her the poster girl for the foreign legion,
but is a boon for Russian propaganda.


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