The Dark Side of Spiritual Awakening


Spiritual awakening does the work of transfiguration. It is a good and very important thing to do. It is a process of revival that provoke some changes in you and changes everything about you.

Spiritual awakening renews your personae, and make all things new for you. You are no longer doing what you used to do, you have a new perspective and you become whole again. You feel regeneration has happened, and actually it has really happened.

Like a newly born, you are full of quiver and ready to explode. Spiritual awakening abets your processes and stages of becoming to come into the reality. Your inner eyes are opened to opportunities laying fallow before you, waiting to be cultivated and exploited. You feel the inner strength to do more in the name of the ‘rush’ you feel within. You are full of gusto and your hands are strengthened to move what seems immovable days back. You feel refueled while you feel light. You will enjoy clarity and speed when spiritual awakening happens.

It is a new breath on you when spiritual awakening happens, everything about you is quickened. While it is a beautiful thing to experience spiritual awakening, you also need to know that spiritual awakening has its dark arts which can endanger the reasons why it happens in the first place.

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