Why is Meghan Markle Always Touching Her Hair?


Why is Meghan Markle Always Touching Her Hair?

Well, of course, everyone has some habit whether it is good or bad. And when it comes to Meghan Markle she touches her hair—constantly. She is often noticed fidgeting with her hair during public appearances.

And apparently, this is a sign that Meghan is trying to stay calm in chaotic situations, according to body language experts.

Blanca Cobb, body language expert and author of Method of the Masters, talked about this with GoodHousekeeping.com.

She says: “Some people touch their hair, play with their fingernails, or rub their arms, as a way to psychologically and physiologically calm themselves when they’re feeling anxious, uncomfortable, or stressed.

Some people might touch, twirl or stroke their hair when in awkward social situations such as when they’re not sure what to do or what to say.”

“It’s the adult version of a child clutching favorite toy, mother’s skirt or father’s hand when feeling anxious and not knowing what to do or say,” she said.

But talking about Meghan we want to know whether this hair-fidgeting it’s a sign of her behavior. Or it is just a bad habit.

“Context is key when distinguishing a habit from a nonverbal tell,” Cobb says. “For example, if someone frequently touches their hair in a variety of non-stressful situations such as talking on the phone, reading a book, or watching TV then it’s more likely a habit they’re not even aware of. If, however, they tend to touch their hair when having a heated discussion or they’re uncomfortable with someone around them, then it’s more likely a body language tells.”

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