5  BIG Reasons Why You Need to Have and Keep Good Friends


Friendship is a goal, it is a support system that makes you thrive and survive. Friendship is a necessary tonic in life. Good company will do you a lot of good; they are the ever-present elements and spices you will enjoy to have a good and satisfying life. It makes life more interesting and meaningful to you. 5  BIG Reasons Why You Need to Have and Keep Good Friends

However, there are bad company you should be wary of – bad friends will completely do the opposite of what good friendship will do. So you should make efforts to be with the good and right people in the name of friendship and relationship.

Below are greater reasons why you need to keep good friends around you.

5  BIG Reasons Why You Need to Have and Keep Good Friends

1. For companionship

You ride through thick and thin together – your good friend will not jump ship when the going gets tough; they love at all times. With their company, you will never walk alone. They hold your hand and walk down the miles with you, you can’t help it than to be grateful for how far and well they’ve stayed with you anytime you go on a memory lane.

Live can be boring and dull without companions who will bring you the luxury to smile, cry, talk and whisper together.

2. For the sake of Truth

A good friend will tell you nothing but the truth; you can trust their judgement knowing too well that the counsels and rebukes they give you are done in good spirit, their words are faithful – what they think pretty match what they say. It is important to know that friendship will be rag down in the camp of falsehood, true friendship is not built on lies, and a good friend will never sell or package lies for you in the name of truth.

Their words are sincere when they speak – they don’t flatter, they give compliments. At some point in time, you might want to doubt their loyalty and commitment to you because they don’t tell you want to hear, all you have to do is to appreciate them because one of the important roles they need to play in your life is to tell you what you need to hear and know – not what you want to hear, because you cannot always be right. A good friend is never a talebearer.

3. Support

Another thing you will enjoy in friendship is care, they rally around you to provide support system in your helpless moments; financially, emotionally, morally and physically. They suspect thing aren’t well with you without telling them yet, because they are sensitive to your feelings.

No matter how hard you fall or the number of times you fall, they stretch out their hands to lift you up. You will be able to keep up with yourself with the support system your friend provide for you. read page 2 below

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