5 Signs Someone is Jealous of You


Jealousy is a rage that breeds hatred, anger, insecurity, and instability. It won’t spare the persons who feels jealous and who is jealous of. It is a feeling that arouse within a person suffering from intrapersonal conflict – due to inferiority complex, greed or self-pity. It is always there in every social relationships. However, jealousy can always be spotted if you pay enough attention to human behaviours.

You will find it funny when you come to know the reason why a friend is jealous of you – do you know that just the way you smile can get someone infuriated? More than many good things in your life, your posture alone can unsettle a friend, not to talk of your wealth and other things life has blessed you with.

1. They Do What You Do Exactly

You end up doing things alike when you don’t think alike. They always want to come in the direction you’ve taken and want to do it just like you do that they may have what you have. Now that your ways have become their ways, it is a sign of jealousy from their part.

These people want to be like you in every sense, they will involve in what you are involved in, and they think you have a life that belongs to them. So in other way round, they are ready to live your life in an exact manner.

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5 Signs Someone is Jealous of You

2. They Asks Like Spy

They ask you a lot of things even to the smallest details, their “how did you go about it?” really means “how did you manage to get it – and not me?” They want to learn your secret and really know what’s up with you. Anytime people ask about your achievements to the little details, then you should know they are interested in it. They want to learn your secrets and connections.

The interest they show is like interrogation – they really want to have what you have.

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