How Do They Shoot ‘Keeping UP’ With the Kardashians?


How Do They Shoot ‘Keeping UP’ With the Kardashians?

There have been plenty of
fights over the years, men have come and gone – with the most recent
break-up being Kim and Kanye West – and they’ve kept us all
gripped to our screens.

But, just how do Kris
Jenner and the production crew ensure every series is as good as the last?

These backstage secrets may
have something to do with it…


While all the insides of their
homes are real, when viewers of KUWTK see a shot from the front of a mansion,
it’s rarely one of the Kardashians’.

The family used to shoot
exterior shots of their actual homes in earlier series, but Kim had trouble
with fans constantly knocking on her door – forcing them to stop.

“So is it true that y’all
used a fake house for your reality show?” Kim was asked by a fan on

She explained: “When we
film inside, that’s obviously our real home.

“My old home in Beverly Hills
was really my home and I would get people showing up at all hours ringing my
gate and had to call the police on several occasions.”

Calls the Shots

While momager Kris is
obviously in charge of what goes into the show, Kim is next in line.

It’ll usually be her who
alerts the crew of a big storyline that her sisters, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe
Kardashian, Kylie and Kendall Jenner are experiencing.

“I think if you ask the crew,
I probably produce the most because I know what my sisters might not be
sharing,” she told the Hollywood Reporter. 

“So I’ll tell them, ‘Go over
to Kourt’s house right now. Something is going on’.”

Kim has also admitted she gets
footage deleted if she’s not happy with how she looks on camera.

She added: “I mean,
believe me, I’m not going to lie, there’s been times when I’ve walked away from
the camera and I’ve got a big bump in my hair and I’m like, ‘Take that out, my
hair looks like s***.’

“I’m too vain to leave really
ugly, ugly angles in.”

But they also edit out any
footage that’s too emotional.

“The most difficult thing
[to film] was probably Caitlyn’s transition and just seeing my mom and Khloe
having such a hard time,” Kim added to the publication. 

“We never really edited
content before, but we did edit a bit of Khloe’s reaction just because she
was so upset.”

Tip for Clean Floors

The floors of Kris’ Hidden
Hills mansion are always immaculate.

And there’s actually a really
good reason why they’re so spotless.

The Kardashian matriarch
requires all crew members to wear shoe coverings!

In a 2015 New York Times
article, a writer visited Kris’ house and wrote that “a production assistant in
surgical shoe coverings handed out microphones”. 

Maybe we should get all our
guests to wear plastic bags on their shoes in the future, too?

in Make-Up

With every inch of their lives
documented for all to see, the Kardashians need to look their best at all

For that reason, Kris gets her
make-up done professionally every time they shoot a scene.

“She gets it done quickly because she’s so busy,” it was reported in NYT. “It only takes an hour.”

While an hour may seem like a
long time, it’s nothing compared to Kim’s routine.

She spends roughly two hours a
day on her hair and make-up.

“There’s nothing we can do
that’s not documented, so why not look your best and amazing?” she told
Paper magazine.


On top of the hours, it takes
for the Kardashians to look their best, the filming can take around 10 to 12
hours too!

According to NYT, “at any
given moment, there are one or two cameras on some combination of Kardashians
and Jenners.

“They are there 10 to 12 hours
a day each day that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is shooting, more if a
plotline warrant it, which, between the regular season and the spinoffs, is
basically always.”


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