‘Panicking’ Putin Pulls All Fighter Jets Out of Crimea


'Panicking' Putin Pulls All Fighter Jets Out of Crimea

Russia is withdrawing fighter
jets from Crimea after multiple suspected Ukrainian attacks, according to
a NATO report.

The war between Ukraine and
Russia has recently passed the six-month mark with no clear end in sight.

However, according to
a Business Insider Germany report that has been translated into
English, Russia has already moved 10 of its fighter jets from Crimea back to

Crimea, which most countries
recognize as Ukrainian but which has been occupied by Russia since 2014, has
suffered attacks in recent weeks. Ukraine has hinted that these will continue
without claiming responsibility.

The attacks have featured
long-range weapons and drones targeting air bases, transport hubs,
logistics depots, and command centers. The attacks have caused panic among
Russians in Crimea and buoyed Ukrainian confidence.



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