The 5 Keys To Raising A Responsible Child Instead Of An Entitled One


Parenthood is an important aspect in the name of family. Every parent should be reminded that they are not just raising their sons and daughters; they are raising somebody’s husband/wife and somebody’s father/mother. It is the duty of parent to raise their children in the best way possible with mora, social, physical and spiritual effects; to raise their children to be good women and men because the time will come that the children will stand alone to make their choices in life. meanwhile, the upbringing they received will somehow affect their choices in life – for the good or bad.

The 5 Keys To Raising A Responsible Child Instead Of An Entitled One

So we can as well say a child’s upbringing has a large say to the child’s future. At a point in time, the children looks up to the parent for social, financial, moral, spiritual, emotional and physical supports, but in few years to come, it is bound to happen, that the table will turn around, the parent will now be the one to look up to their children for social, financial, moral, spiritual, emotional and physical supports. Even if you are very wealthy as a parent, you won’t say no when your children offers you physical blessing since you know it is one of the blessings of parenthood; you will rejoice and revel in them no matter how small the gifts are. It gives you a moment money cannot buy. This is the time you will reap what you have sown over the years, even as a parent.

Many things are at stake when you don’t give your child a proper upbringing – the child’s dream (future), the future state of the society they live in, the life of their husband/wife/children, the group/company they will belong to, their friends and family. As a parent, I’m very sure you would not like to put all these in jeopardy because of your parental error.

Below Are 5 Keys To Raising A Responsible Child:

1. Preparedness For Parenthood

Preparedness is the way to go; it is a key factor to raising a child. It is the number one thing required of you to do; it is a means of parent working on their strength and weakness. It helps you to know how to handle the challenges that come with raising your child without getting frustrated. Nothing beats preparation, nothing can replace it.

It helps you to equip yourself with necessary abilities and emotions that will help you to discharge your parental duties brilliantly, after all you can only give what you have; you can only teach what you know. When you are aware and conscious of the roles to be played as a parent towards raising a responsible child, you will take some precautionary measures in the face of potential failures as a parent.

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2. Be A Role Model

Let your children see a shadow of what they would like to be in you, the best way to teach and lead them is through your actions. Your actions have more effects on them than your words, what they see you do affects them and shapes them. While the words of your mouth should be exciting and encouraging, your actions must complement what you say, lest you become a joker to them, and they will not believe what you have to say. Lead by example and don’t be a hypocrite to them.


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