The Queen’s Subtle Trick for Putting People at Ease


The Queen's Subtle Trick for Putting People at Ease

Over her 70-year reign, a huge
part of the Queen’s role has been meeting the public at royal
engagements and receptions in her various homes.

For many people, meeting Her
Majesty is likely to be a daunting experience – it’s not every day you meet
royalty! – but ever the pro, the Queen has a subtle way to make her subjects
feel at ease.

As well as conducting polite
conversations and making sure everyone feels welcome, the Queen often makes
light-hearted quips, but it’s her choice of beverage that helps visitors feel
comfortable, as revealed by MasterChef star Monica Galetti.

The chef was granted an
audience with Her Majesty in 2014 at Buckingham Palace – on Valentine’s Day, no
less – and shared a surprising insight into her meeting with the monarch.

“I met the Queen a few
years ago and it was possibly one of my most nervous moments ever,” Monica
told Good Housekeeping. “I had a wine glass with me, and I thought, ‘I
can’t possibly meet the Queen holding a glass of wine,’ so I put it down.

The Queen helped MasterCher star Monica Galetti feel comfortable
The Queen helped MasterCher star Monica Galetti feel comfortable

“Then she walked round
the corner with a glass of wine in her hand and I thought ‘Oh, dammit!'”
shared Monica.

The MasterChef star
went on to say Her Majesty was lovely: “She has this knack of making
you feel so comfortable and welcome.”

The Queen is warm and welcoming during receptions

The Queen is warm and welcoming during receptions

In recent years, the Queen has
been holding receptions virtually more often, and we have no doubt she makes
the video calls feel just as special as an in-person meeting.


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