Ukraine Missile Kills Female Officer Who ‘Enjoyed Killing Ukrainians’


Ukraine Missile Kills Female Officer Who 'Enjoyed Killing Ukrainians'

A Russian female commander who
boasted about how she enjoyed killing Ukrainians and whose troops fired on
civilians in the Donbas region has been killed in a missile strike. 

Lieutenant Colonel Olga
‘Kursa’ Kachura, 52, was killed instantly after a Ukrainian missile hit her car
as she was driving in the city of Horlivka, in the Donetsk region of

Kachura, who is Russia’s first
female officer to die in the war in Ukraine, was a colonel of a rocket
artillery division that shelled civilians in the Donetsk People’s

Her unit fired on civilians in
the Donbas region and Kachura later boasted that she enjoyed killing
Ukrainians in interviews on Kremlin propaganda channels. 

Kachura, a Ukrainian native
who worked in the Horlivka Police department, reportedly defected to the
pro-Russian side in 2014 after Putin fomented a rebel uprising in the

She would often disguise
herself as a member of regular Ukrainian forces to commit war crimes in order
to discredit them, according to Ukraine’s armed forces. 

‘(Kachura was) guilty of the
shelling of the cities of Donbas and the deaths of civilians,’ Ukrainian
journalist Denis Kazanskyi said. ‘In Ukraine, she was sentenced to 12 years in
prison in absentia.’ 

She becomes one of the latest
Russian high-ranking officers to be killed in Ukraine amid the
Russian president’s brutal ongoing invasion of the country, which has seen
Ukrainian forces put up a fierce defense of their country. 

Kachura is the 97th known
officer to have been killed in Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Putin granted Kachura the
posthumous Hero of Russia honour – the Kremlin’s highest award – ‘for her
courage and heroism shown in the performance of military duty’.  

Margarita Simonyan, the head
of the sanctioned RT network, said: ‘Legendary Korsa died in Horlivka… May
she rest in peace…

‘The Chief [Putin] awarded
Korsa the title of Hero of Russia. That’s how it’s supposed to be. These are
our common heroes.’


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  1. BG will serve the FULL 9 YEARS IF PUTIN HAS HIS WAY. Count on it. WNBA has left her behind and is saying to her, TO DAM BAD DRUG USER!

  2. Margarita Simonyan, the head of the sanctioned RT network, said: 'Legendary Korsa died in Horlivka… May she rest in peace…' Such beasts rest in pain.



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