What Do the Queen’s Grandchildren Call Her?


What Do the Queen’s Grandchildren Call Her?

It might be hard to imagine what the Queen’s grandchildren call her in private, but there have been some adorable reports of family nicknames over the years. 

The Independent reports that
back at the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, Prince William and Prince
Harry called out, “Go Granny!” as she appeared during a video alongside Daniel
Craig. Princess Eugenie has also been reported as referring to her royal
grandmother as ‘Granny’ over the years. 

Though according to Daily
Mail writer Richard Kay, Prince William didn’t always call her this. In
childhood, he reportedly hadn’t learned to say it yet and during a memorable
occasion, emotionally cried out for “Gary” instead after falling over.

When a guest said to
have gone for help asked who Gary was, the Queen allegedly replied, “I’m Gary”,
before explaining, “He hasn’t learned to say Granny yet.”

Whether or not this childhood
nickname has faded over the years, it’s undoubtedly a wonderful reflection of the
Queen’s bond with her grandchildren.


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