What Happened to Nakey Jakey?


What Happened to Nakey Jakey?

A few months ago Jakey made a Patreon post telling people he’s okay and I believe he said he had been working
on some content.

He also accidentally called
Eddy Burback during his podcast and sounded healthy and okay. Other members of
the sub have shared that he seems to be in a relationship and he seems happy
with where he is.

No information is really known
about his specific work at this moment, but I believe we can all agree that a
break would be needed after a video like his last one.

All we can do is respect the
break he is taking, so please try not to make more posts asking where he is or
what happened to him, as our hot boy is just living life.

Jacob Christensen (born
December 28, 1994), better known by his stage name Jakey, is a musician
and YouTuber. He is the content creator behind the YouTube channel NakeyJakey,
which has earned more than 1.45 million subscribers with videos relating to
video games, movies, voice acting, reality TV and more.

Nakey Jakey is okay, don’t
worry about his absence!


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