Why Does Everyone Like Beyoncé?


Why Does Everyone Like Beyoncé?

Like many women, Beyoncé
fulfills many roles in her day-to-day life. She’s a wife and mother to three
children in addition to her crazy busy work schedule. Unlike most women, she
has a global platform where she can raise awareness about issues that are
important to her. Over the years, she has become well-known for her
approachable stance on feminist issues.

Many of her songs have become
anthems for strong women, most notably “Run the World (Girls)” but her fundamental
approach to feminism is very relatable. In
an interview with Elle, Beyoncé pointed out that to her,
real feminism simply means that men and women are treated equally. She also
stated that lending her voice to causes like women’s access to health care
doesn’t just mean she’s a feminist since those issues impact everyone across
the world – in fact, it makes her a humanist. 

While Beyoncé is in a
long-term, happy relationship with fellow artist Jay-Z, it hasn’t been all
sunshine and rainbows for the power couple. Some of their struggles have
played out in public in a big way, including Jay-Z’s infidelity.

The two have kept it classy
and avoided discussing their problems with the media, for the most part,
but Beyoncé let her fans in on what was going on in her mind
during those tough times through her music. Although cheating rumors will
likely continue to plague the couple in the future, the two have remained
committed to working things out, both for each other and for the sake of
their family.

She admitted in
an interview that she had gained much more weight than what she had
expected during the pregnancy, and combined with pregnancy-related swelling,
found it extremely difficult to get back to a place where she felt confident
and healthy. Her fans also loved that she stated she wasn’t in a hurry to get
back to her pre-pregnancy weight, and that she was accepting of the changes
that her body had gone through.


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