Why is Everyone Obsessed With TikTok Star, Charli Damelio?


Why is Everyone Obsessed With TikTok Star, Charli Damelio?

Charli D’Amelio is only 17
years old and has managed to make her time on social media into an entire brand
that she and her family live off of. This young entertainer has shown what
determination and embracing new ideas can do for your life.

Although D’Amelio may be
confused as to why she’s famous, it’s clear that fans appreciate the hard work
and strong work ethic she has used to get the point that she’s at.

She has looked for every way
to expand her career and has taken every opportunity she’s been offered.

It’s clear that Charli
D’Amelio is meant for greatness and has a career in entertainment that will
only blossom further as she becomes an adult.

In 2019, Charli D’Amelio
landed her first voice acting and role in a film as Tinker in StarDog and
TurboCat. In the children’s movie, D’Amelio was a part of a cast that also
included Nick Frost, Luke Evans, Gemma Arterton, and Bill Nighy.

The story takes place when
StarDog lands back on Earth after being shot into space in 1969.

However, things on Earth
aren’t like they used to be, and there are some towns that have begun banning
pets. With help from local street animals, StarDog and TurboCat look to save
the day.

The movie was originally
released on June 19th of 2020, but it never received any rave reviews. Most
viewers thought that the movie was okay at best, even from a child’s point of

Critics believed that the show
was too dumbed down for most child audiences but would still be a good fit for
toddlers and children who enjoy shows such as PAW Patrol.

D’Amelio’s roles haven’t been
limited to just one film. She has also appeared in multiple music videos,
including two music videos for one of her favorite entertainers, Jennifer

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