As a UK resident, How Do You Feel About the News of Queen Elizabeth II’s Death?


As a UK resident, How Do You Feel About the News of Queen Elizabeth II’s Death?

Hundreds of mourners have been gathering outside Buckingham Palace from early this morning, reports my colleague Geneva Abdul.

Many were continuing to lay bouquets against the palace gates with touching tributes thanking the Queen for her years of service and dedication.

Rose, who asked not to use her last name, was one of many laying flowers before starting their workday.

“She’s done such a wonderful job for our country,” said Rose. “I respected her Christian faith, I’m really sorry we’ve lost such a great monarch.”

Rose recently lost her father whose funeral is next week, she shared as her eyes began to water, adding, that she feels on a similar path of grief as the royal family.

As a UK resident, How Do You Feel About the News of Queen Elizabeth II’s Death?

“I’m grieving for my father and grieving for the queen now as well,” said Rose, who recalled standing on the streets for Princess Diana’s funeral.

“I very much hope I can be here for the queen’s funeral as well, standing on the streets somewhere to pay my respects.”

Jane and Glenn Oxford, visiting London for the weekend, made their way to Buckingham Palace to pay their respects, but were unable to find a bouquet to pay tribute with all the surrounding shops sold out.

“We just had to come, because she was just so much for everybody she gave her life for this country and I think that’s just so special,” said Jane fighting back tears.

“She had dignity all her life, she’s done so many things and never moaned at all, and that’s great. Not many people can do that, so, good on you Liz,” said Glenn.


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