Does Meghan Lack Sense of Humor?


Does Meghan Lack Sense of Humor?

The Duke of Sussex Prince
Harry’s friends complained that his wife, former actor and the Duchess of
Sussex Meghan Markle ‘lacked any sense of humour’. In Revenge:
Meghan, Harry And The War Between The Windsors, author Tom Bower wrote how
Meghan shot down the ‘inappropriate’ jokes made by Harry’s friends. 

As per Tom, Prince Harry’s
friends came to meet them on a weekend at England’s Sandringham in 2016. Harry
invited over a dozen friends, mostly his school friends from Eton, with their
partners. The gathering took place after Meghan and Harry’s relationship was
made public.

The Sun quoted Tom’s book,
“Like other shooting weekends, Harry was looking forward to endless banter,
jokes–and a lot of drinking. He had not anticipated Meghan’s reaction.

Their jokes, involving sexism,
feminism and transgender people, ricocheted around the living rooms and dining
rooms. Without hesitation, Meghan challenged every guest whose conversation
contravened her values. According to Harry’s friends, again and again, she
reprimanded them about the slightest inappropriate nuance. Nobody was exempt.
Harry’s world would not be her world.”

Talking about Harry’s friends
later discussing Meghan, Tom wrote, “Meghan was a dampener on the party, they
concluded. She lacked any sense of humour. Driving home after Sunday lunch, the
texts pinged between the cars: ‘OMG, what about HER?’ said one. ‘Harry must be
f***ing nuts’.”


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