Moment King Charles Realizes He Has Made A Big Mistake – ‘Oh God’


Moment King Charles Realizes He Has Made A Big Mistake - 'Oh God'

King Charles has been
caught on camera airing his frustration as his ink pen began leaking – and he
signed the date incorrectly at a signing ceremony.

Charles, who is about to tour
the United Kingdom after ascending to the British throne, was heard exclaiming,
“I can’t bear this bloody thing” at Northern Ireland’s Hillsborough
Castle as the pen began leaking over his hand and that of his wife, Queen
Consort Camilla.

“Is it September
12?” he asked his aides as he sat at the desk, before acknowledging:
“Oh God I’ve put the wrong date,” after being told it was September
13. You signed the 12th earlier,” Camilla then whispered to her husband.

Later he stood up from the
desk and said: “Oh God I hate this, oh look it’s going everywhere, I can’t
bear this bloody thing, what they do every stinking time.”

Charles has been cited to have
a “sparky temper” but one trusted royal photographer revealed
that Camilla has changed her husband for the better.

Arthur Edwards told Piers
Morgan that the Queen Consort is “perfect” for the King, and
detailed how she helped “calm” his “sparky temper”.

Since he’s been married to
Camilla, Arthur explained: “[He’s] calm, much calmer about approaching
things. He had a little bit of a sparky temper, but I’ve not seen that in a
long while and I’ve had some serious telling-offs from him, you know?”

The King and Queen met at a
polo match in 1970 when they were 22 and 24 respectively, but their romance
cooled when Charles was called away on naval duties overseas. Camilla went on
to marry – and have two children – Andrew Parker Bowles, while Charles
married Lady Diana Spencer and welcomed Prince William and Prince Harry.

Both of their marriages fell
into difficulty, and Camilla divorced in 1995, followed by Charles the year
after. There was controversy when Charles admitted he had committed
adultery with Camilla while still married to Princess Diana. 

After the tragic death of
Diana in 1997, the two kept their blossoming relationship low-key, only making
their first public appearance together in 1999.


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