Princess Charlene’s Daughter Gabriella Gives Brother New ‘Haircut’ Before New School Year


Princess Charlene's Daughter Gabriella Gives Brother New 'Haircut' Before New School Year

Gabriella appeared to have cut her fringe with a big chunk of hair missing from the front, while Jacques had a large piece missing from the side of his head.

“Gabriella gave herself, and her brother a haircut!!! Looking forward to school on Monday,” Charlene captioned the post which featured two images, one of the pair in bed together, and the other with Jacques lying on his sister and Gabriella with a smirk on her face.

The twins will return to school on 6 September in Monaco but they had a wonderful summer break that saw them graduate from Seadventures Summer Camp.

Albert was captured kneeling to the ground to take his own family pictures

Albert was captured kneeling on the ground to take his own family pictures 

But as they received their medals, it was their father Prince Albert who was spotted making the ultimate dad move.

As the twins accepted the certificates with their new friends, an official photographer snapped pictures but dad Albert couldn’t help but snap his own pictures, kneeling down to the ground to get a good angle.

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