Reasons Why THE CRABS Are The Best Lovers In The Zodiac


2. Their love is observant

Mood swing has always been a concern in pattern of relationships. The man wants to keep to himself, but he woman wants to communicate to him in efforts to bring him out of his bad mood. It could be the man attempting to east the mood of his woman in another scenario, but the harder they try to do this, the offensive the other party becomes. Sometimes leaving them and waiting for them to come out of their shell is the best thing to do for them in such situation. Talk about Cancerians, they know how to wear their partner’s mood and emotions without taking offense to the attitude their partner gives. Their love is patient, sensitive and timely. They also know when their partner needs helping hand when they lock themselves up in a bad mood; they know if they should make laughter happen or become like their partner and shielding them from further stress.

3. Their love is patient

Reasons Why THE CRABS Are The Best Lovers In The Zodiac

Like a still moving water, so is the love of Cancers. There is serenity around their love always, they give their love with substances of peace and calmness. They naturally endure and give their partner much needed time to work on their weakness and come out stronger than their weakness. Cancerians are meek lovers with quality of longsuffering, they don’t get irritated easily and won’t give up where others are giving up.

While they enjoy quietness, the love they give to their partner comes from their heart of hearts and its impacts are deeply felt. Their love understands the laws of time, and with time, they teach their partner how to love more and better as they lead by example. One thing is sure about them, they won’t do to their partner what they don’t want them do to them. They are selfless lovers that would put interest of their partner first.


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