What is Camilla New Role Now That Queen Elizabeth II is Late?


What is Camilla’s Role Now That Queen Elizabeth II Has Died?

The death of Queen Elizabeth
II paved the way for a new UK queen — or at least queen consort — in

Before her death Thursday, the
longest-serving monarch in royal history had declared it was her “sincere
wish” that her once-controversial daughter-in-law “be known as Queen

The regal title is reserved
for the wife of a reigning king and does not carry the power and importance of
the reigning sovereign, all of which instead now goes to Camilla’s husband, the
new King Charles, 73.

It is a role that rests
entirely on her being married to the king, meaning she will not take the throne
if he dies before her.

Still, a queen consort is
“crowned with the King, in a similar but simpler ceremony,” the royal
family notes, “unless decided otherwise.”

In fact, that option had been
completely ruled out right up until Elizabeth’s surprise statement in
February 2022, the day before her Platinum Jubilee celebrating 70 years on the


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