Warning Signs Your Soul is Weary and How to invigorate it


3. Feeling Lonely

It does not matter the number of people around you or the number of people with you in a room, you can’t stop feeling lonely. Then because this feeling is as a result of your soul that is tired, then you will want to be and stay alone.

Things and people irritate you and gives you irk feeling, so you feel like not wanting to engage with people and activities, by so doing you feel a bit light even though you still don’t get yourself right.

4. Trouble shooting

Your body system suffers troubleshooting in your sleep or when you are conscious. You tend to see yourself lying in helpless state in your dream, and sort of other strange dreams that will keep you awake when you sleep in midnight or during the day.

In your conscious state, you suffer uneasiness and you are always in a state of unrest. You are trying to stop yourself from being like this but you can’t help yourself.

Let’s consider how you can regenerate your dead soul that you may feel the ‘Kick’ again

1. Be Spiritual

Let immersion takes place as this contributes largely to spirit awakening. Be obsessed with what is spiritual and do this consciously. Read spiritual materials that you can find as you go the spiritual way – this will help you to collect ‘the you’ in yourself from far- away place it has wandered.

Meditation is a spiritual thing to do; It brings healing and regeneration. Yoga practise is a good way to go – tarry there to wake your dead cells.

2. Engage Animals

Look out for your favourite animal and tend to it. Feed it and spend time together. Every animal has its totem; they make you sacred and complement the spiritual processes you’ve undertaken.

The energies of your chosen animal will join forces with your efforts to detoxify every toxins in you to your regeneration.

3. Enjoy Nature

Warning Signs Your Soul is Weary and How to invigorate it

This is the time to get acclimatized with nature – a walk in the park, a sight at ocean, marveling at birds in flight, dipping a leg or hand in rushing water in sitting posture are ways to enjoy and surround yourself with beauty of nature.

Smiling at stars at night do the work of rebirth and reflects its light on you. Spending time with nature brings you back to your natural state and restore you to your default natural settings.

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