Who Will Look After the Late Queen Elizabeth II’s Beloved Corgis


Who Will Look After the Late Queen Elizabeth II's Beloved Corgis

In a bid to distract the Queen
whilst Prince Philip was in the hospital, the father-of-two gifted his mother two
dogs, Muick and Fergus. When Fergus sadly passed in May 2021,
the late monarch was reportedly left ‘devastated’. 

On what would have been Prince
Philip’s 100th birthday, Prince Andrew is said to have bought his mother
another puppy named Sandy to replace Fergus.

The late Queen adored her corgis

The late Queen adored her corgis

Beyond this, new reports have
shone a light on the Duchess’ special bond with the 96-year-old’s furry
companions. She reportedly sparked a connection with the Queen over dog walking
and horse riding and frequently accompanied Her Majesty around Frogmore whilst
she walked her corgis.

At the time of her death, the
Queen owned two corgis – Muick and Sandy – and one dorgi (a dachshund/corgi
crossbreed), named Candy. Other much-loved royal corgis include Susan,
Willow, Holly, Vulcan, Dookie, Monty, Honey, Berry, Emma, and Linnet.

Often referred to as ‘her
family’, the late Queen’s corgis were a steady source of comfort throughout her
reign. Her dresser, Angela Kelly, recently revealed they proved a
“constant joy” for the monarch and “always brought a smile
to everyone’s faces”.

During her impressive
70-year-reign, Queen Elizabeth II is thought to have owned more than 30 corgis
– and tolerated no less than the royal treatment for them.


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