Do most Arabs and Iranians right now support Ukraine or Russia in the ongoing conflict


The Iranians are certainly backing Russia in its efforts to retake Ukraine. Many people in the Arab world are also backing Russia, because this conflict has major implications for the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The Russian Orthodox Church is prevailing on the battlefield in Ukraine, making its debut after a decade in dormancy under communism. In the Arab-Israeli dispute, the Russian Orthodox Church backs the Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem.

Although Orthodox Christians now account for a small percentage of the Palestinian population, standing at 6% of their global population, the Patriarchate has enormous symbolic importance in the Christian world. The Church was born out of the Jerusalem Patriarchate and the Palestinians are Jesus’s people.

There are many revisionist Orthodox claims floating around Russia these days. As Russia seeks to turns away from Communism and back towards its historic traditions, while at the same time seeking to expand to regain its former glory, the Russian state is beginning to revive some of these Orthodox, revisionist claims. By intervening in Ukraine, Russia is showing that it is fully prepared to resort to military force to enforce these claims.

Over the past decade, Russia has quietly amassed friends in the Muslim world by opposing Israeli and American designs in the Middle East and Central Asia. Now that the US is withdrawing from the Middle East following the botched War on Terror as the Russian Orthodox Church is reasserting itself, Israel looks increasingly in the crosshairs should the war expand.

Only minority Iranians support Ukraine because Russia has taken considerable amount of land from Iran, Historically speaking. They have also annexed some parts of Iran during world wars. They also destroyed Iranians benefits during the last four decades. So they feel sympathy for Ukrainians.

If not for the good reason of Ukraine’s closeness to USA, majority of Iranians would support Ukraine.

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