Has Russia Been Denazified Yet

Has Russia Been Denazified Yet
Has Russia Been Denazified Yet
L-R: Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of supporting Nazi ideas. May 2022.

Russia and denazification? Russia is denazified already, not only that it is denazified, Russia is so anti-nazi to the extent that Russia as a country drives alleged Nazis from power.

Denazification is one of the reasons behind Russia invading Ukraine – to neutralize Ukraine and make it a single entity.

They have their eyes set already on some other countries like Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

This is to say that what Ukraine is facing at the moment might not be the last time we would see Russian government invading some other countries in attempt to denazify them.

But what Putin and his allies paint for the world is not all there is to see, it is a good argument to say Russia is not denazified yet, and would not be denazified.

As long as Russia is surrounded with Nazis; as long they have little or big relationship with the Nazis, then it is only a matter of time, sooner or later, that Russian government will agree to the fact that traces of Nazi will always be found in them by whatever means.

To Russian government, anyone who opposes Putin’s government in a way or two is qualified to be a Nazi, their goal is to expand the meaning of “Nazism” to essentially render it meaningless – while it is useful to them.

There is no end to what can happen in the political world. In the course of history, no country has the sovereign power to become invisible, untouchable as they had wanted.

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