How does one find unbiased reporting on the current situation in Russia, Ukraine and the Crimea


The question itself contains part of the answer. One source is not enough to learn the truth. Consider the contradicting information from both sides concerning gains and losses.

The answer is OSINT; Open Source Intelligence.

OSINT is not a news site or a single source you can follow. It’s a worldwide phenomenon, facilitated by the Internet. People all around the world would like to know more, and this is what led to the advent of what we call the OSINT community. Taking small bits of information from here and there, put them together like a puzzle, and look at the result. It’s done in a critical and unbiased way, with the help of many real experts.

What real experts, you ask? Well, experts are all around us. Not the popular ones who talk on morning TV shows, and predict the downfall of Russia in two or three months, but somehow always in two or three months. There are real experts – people who have professional experience in some field tend to look for their own information.

Thus, the OSINT community is an interdisciplinary network of various professionals and enthusiasts, who cross-check each others’ information and amend it with their findings – and not their feelings. Actually, news media is technically OSINT, as it’s an open source of information. It offers you what you would never get from the mainstream media.

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Ola Alabi
Ola Moses is a certified writer, He writes technically and creatively. He is the CEO of WORDSWORTH, a house where writing is made easier for all. He is a content creator at EsB TV, since 2019. He is a young man that showcases professionalism in all that he does, he was announced as Child and Green Foundation Person of the Year 2018, one of his many lists of honours.


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