Kanye West Essentials Playlist disappears from Apple Music

Kanye West Essentials Playlist disappears from Apple Music

The Esssentials playlist of Kanye West has recently disappeared from Apple Music. Recently, there has been devastating news about Kanye West as major businesses and corporations are either distancing themselves from him or withdrawing their contracts with him. All these are as a result of his remarks on anti-Semitic.

Kanye West Essentials playlist was reportedly pulled out of Apple music after Kanye made series of comments that were offensive in public interviews. The rapper who now goes by the name ”Ye” was addressed by the CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek earlier this week regarding his comments, but nonetheless, took note of the fact that his music did not violate the anti-hate policies of Spotify.

Therefore, he decided that it was up to the rapper’s record label to pull his catalogue away from Spotify if they saw fit to do so. According to Ek, the comments on anti-Semitic would have been removed from Spotify if they had been recorded or made in a podcast.

Furthermore, UMG has confirmed through their spokesperson that Ye’s relationship with his record label as an artist and his merchandise agreement with Bravado all ended in 2021. Kanye’s corporate partners stopped their collaboration with him after WME chief called on them directly.

Since then, Kanye has been dropped by the talent agencies CAA, Vogue, Balenciaga and even GAP. More recently, Kanye lost his biggest corporate business partner, Adidas. Other corporate organizations in partnership with him have dropped him mostly because they do not tolerate hate speech and antisemitism.

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