Large bear interrupts wedding proposal (video)

Large bear interrupts wedding proposal (video)

A large bear interrupted a couple’s marriage proposal and the moment was caught on video.

Ricardo Morales’ was proposing to Cecilia Canabal last week in the Chipinque Ecological Park in Cerro de Chipinque, Nuevo Leon State, Mexico.

In the video, Morales is seen down on one knee, popping the question to his now-fiancée in front of rose petals and light-up letters that read “marry me”, when the bear walked into the scene.

“The incident took place just after the ‘yes’ when I was going to put the ring on her finger,” Morales told Jam Press.

“That’s when we heard the waiters/gardeners tell us ‘don’t be afraid.'”

Large bear interrupts wedding proposal (video)

They turned then and saw a “giant shadow” approaching them “climbing up the terrace steps.”

“We told each other ‘don’t move,’ which is why we’re static in the video when the bear passed. It then climbed over a wall and went into a garden,” he continued.

Large bear interrupts wedding proposal (video)

The couple remained “static” as the bear waltzed through their special moment, and after it finally passes, Canabal said, “yes.”

Watch the video below.

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